Compton Inc.

Land Improvement Contractor

Site Work - Water & Sewer Service - Trenching - Concrete - Demolition - Public Works - Drainage - Erosion Control - Road Work - Beach Volleyball Courts - Directional Boring - Excavation - Ponds - Road Grading - General Contracting - Top Soil - Sand

Backflow Prevention Testing

Many municipalities require an annual inspection of all water utility customer premises for possible cross contaminations to keep water systems safe. Compton Inc. is American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) Backflow Prevention Testing Certified to keep you in compliance with government rules and regulations. Get your Backflow Preventer inspected today!

Line Stops & Hot Taps

Compton, Inc. has been repairing and improving water mains without interrupting water flow for over a decade! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your next project. We have 4", 6", 8", single and double stops along with 4" and 12" hot taps.


Whether you're looking to install a new drain, rod out the local beaver dam or to prevent your beautiful lake bank from eroding any further, we're here to help! Call Compton, Inc. with all your drainage and erosion control needs.

  • Footing Drains

  • Farm Tiling

  • Catch Basin Repairs and Cleaning

  • Ditching

  • Rodding

  • Water Table Control

  • Interceptor Drainage Design and Installation

Water & Sewer

Need a hookup to the City's water system? Or maybe you just need to repair the one you have.  If your sewer backs up, we can help solve your problem.   We specialize  at drain field installation, lift station construction & servicing, sewer repair, sewer rodding, sewer camera scoping and more.   Just give us a call for a no obligation quote!

Commercial & Residential Services

We're here to turn that beautiful plot of land you found into an ideal place for your new house! We love site work, grading, demolition and are happy to haul and supply materials like sand, gravel, stone and high quality top soil.

Beach Volleyball Courts

Dreams of having a beach volleyball court in your backyard? Compton, Inc. builds Olympic Beach Volleyball courts to the highest standards.

Public Projects

Compton, Inc. has completed public projects in and around the west Michigan area. We have replaced crosswalks, repaired road decks, and installed trench drains.

Beach Erosion Revetment

As Lake Michigan's waters encroach our shores, Compton Inc works to hold back mother nature to help protect your property.  We have built several beach erosion projects that have helped protect South Haven's invaluable lake front property.  We install everything from limestone rip rap to concrete revetments.  We can work with owners and engineers on a design build basis to help protect their bluff.  


Sometimes destruction is progress.  Compton Inc can provide services to demo buildings and restore the site to it's original condition.   We have demoed several types of structures from homes, MDOT rest areas to commercial buildings.   Feel free to call to arrange an appointment with either Marc or Stan to scope your project and provide an estimate.